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At The Winning Partnership, we focus on leading the collaborative development of effective, innovative and customized sales enablement strategies. We join forces with emerging industries, professional services and not-for-profits to frame and deliver impactful solutions that speak to the needs of your clients. We are here to co-design with you imaginative and original approaches to help you compete and succeed.



Proposal strategy, RFP responses and end-to-end bid process operations


Client feedback, internal team debriefs and insightful analytics


Lead generation development and campaign execution

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Connecting the dots has always been in my DNA


Marie-France Cardin

Principal | Your dot connector


Early on as a Public Relations practitioner, I partnered with clients, colleagues and sponsors to develop high profile media relations campaigns. Having successfully managed crisis situations and overseeing for KPMG in Canada the development of more than 1,500 proposals annually, I thrive and excel when stakes are high and time is of the essence.

Over the course of my career, I have continually looked for ways to do things differently. I have a consistent track record of taking apart inefficient processes to build modern and more efficient ones, challenging the status quo to embrace a new normal, and moving mountains to deliver the right solutions to win business in fierce competitive marketplaces. 


I have launched The Winning Partnership so that I can help my clients reach their desired outcome, especially under pressure. I have access to a broad network of high performing professionals whom I can quickly bring together to develop and execute customized innovative strategies that will have the most business impact for you.

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